Legal Statement

Article 1

Ninecoin Blockchain (HK) Group ( Official Website)this website is intended to provide to its best efforts financial products and trading platform of professional and international standards for the majority of global digital assets enthusiasts and investors, on the precondition that it does not violate any of the relevant laws and regulations of the China Hong Kong. It is prohibited to use this Website for the purpose of engaging in such illegal trading activities as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery; where any account is found to involve any of the aforementioned illegal activities, this Website will freeze the account and immediately report such account to the competent authority.

Article 2

Where a competent authority, on the strength of applicable investigation certificate, requests this Website to cooperate with the investigation relating to any designated user, or if the account of the user is subject to such measures as closure, freezing, or transfer, this Website will, as is required by the competent authority, assist such authority by providing corresponding data relating to the account user, or carrying out the corresponding operation as is required by the competent authority; for any disclosure of the user’s privacy, failure in the operation of the account and any such losses arising therefrom, this Website will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever.

Article 3

Where a user of this Website violates any provision in this statement and consequently violates any clause of relevant laws of the China Hong Kong, this Website, as a service provider, is obliged to improve the rules and services of this platform. However, this Website does not have either the motivation for violating any law of the China Hong Kong, nor has this Websites commits any actual breach of any of the relevant laws of the laws of the China Hong Kong, and will not assume any joint or several liability for the acts of the user.

Article 4

Any person that logs into this Website or uses this Website directly or indirectly shall be deemed as having accepted the restriction of this Website voluntarily.

Article 5

Any matter not covered in this statement shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the China Hong Kong. Where this statement is in conflict with relevant laws and regulations of the China Hong Kong, the latter shall prevail.

Article 6

This statement is available in both Chinese and English. If the two versions are inconsistent, the Chinese version shall prevail.

The digital currency is not issued by the authorities and does not have a legal nature. The global 24-hour transaction, price volatility, high investment risk, and caution in entering the market.

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